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    Our programs


    Jet Card Program

    You have a regular frequency of flights by private jet and you want to travel without commitment? Are you looking for flexibility with a small volume of hours? You think that buying an aircraft is too early for you to make it interesting and profitable? Global Jet Partner has designed two Cards’ programs to fulfill your needs and desires.

    sup-fullThe card « PREMIUM »

    It offers flexibility and freedom in the choice of aircraft.

    sup-fullThe card « BUSINESS»

    It offers the most profitable prices.

    Working as a credit card, flight times of Jet Cards are charged according to the time spent on board plus the taxi time on each way.

    These programs allow you to :

    • Budget your travel expenses if the annual volume of private jet flight is known.
    • Keep a fixed price that does not fluctuate based on supply and demand or seasonality.
    • Ensure the availability of the device until the day before your departure according to the card program.
    • Have the choice of a program without commitment that allows you a refund of unused hours if your predictions are lower than expected.
    • Leave whenever you want. Your private plane is waiting for you, and not vice versa.
    • Optimize your workday and come back home early to share more time with your loved ones.
  • The Card



    This program offers freedom of travel and flexibility. Our objective is to give you another view of the private jet. By opting for a Card of block hours, you have control over your time and expenses.

    Globally Simple...
    Pay only for the hours you fly.

    Only the hours spent in the plane and the taxi times are deducted. Positioning flights are not charged. We have a wide coverage in Europe, the Middle East and the USA allowing us to offer a suitable aircraft for each of your trips. You can share it with any person you would like to.

    Globally satisfying...
    Your priorities are no longer the same than the previous year? GJP gives you your money back !

    Global Jet Partner is aware of your evolving needs. No justification is required; we will refund the unused credit. Your satisfaction is our unique concern.

    Conditions and prices on request Contact us

    Globally Flexible...
    Switch to a lower or higher category at any time.

    You can fly on a larger or smaller aircraft whenever you decide to. We’ll always offer you the choice of changing your aircraft type if you are more or fewer than usual. We adjust it when required. Decisions belong to you.

    Globally free...
    No long term commitment.

    You can use your card freely over short or long time period : we’ll adjust ourselves to your requirements. Over several months or several years, you are leading your business flight consumptions.

  • The Card



    This program offers you the best price. Traveling by private jet is no longer a luxury; it is a useful mean of transport whose expenses are predictable and expected. Our prices are fixed.

    Conditions and prices on request Contact us

    Globally simple...
    One private jet, One price

    The price per flight hour is cheaper on this program. You’d like to travel on a Falcon 2000EX or an Embraer Legacy for all your trips and whatever the number of guests on your private flights? So, The Business Card is made for you! Again, we deduct only the hours spent on board the aircraft and the taxiway ... Nothing more...

    Globally Accessible...
    The right price for you.

    The budget of the Business Card is carefully calculated according to your profile, your needs and the length of your business trips. The formula meets a desire to provide business companies with a card program tailored to make them competitive and efficient. This Card is offering the cheapest model of the market.

    according to your profile, your needs and length of your flights by private jet. The formula meets a desire card program is tailored to all your air travel business. More developed, the product is offering the cheapest of the range.

    Globally Profitable...
    An ideal compromise for a reasonable investment.

    Most of the time, a card program is a good compromise if you’re thinking of an aircraft acquisition and you’re not ready to go further due to the significant costs it may involve. Having block hours on an aircraft is the best investment you can make with the current economic trend. Indeed your flight frequencies may vary from one year to another but not your price.

  • The Card programs

    Our leitmotiv : Always offering you the choice: even for your benefits

    You have contracted an Air Card? So take advantage of exclusive events in Paris or in your area for you or your loved ones. Global Jet Partner also offers a wide range of exclusive benefits.

    A business flight that starts at the doors of your office or your sweet home...

    Travelling with Global Jet Partner is synonymous of relaxation and serenity. For your comfort, vehicle transfers and driver can be arranged. Thus, your journey begins at your door with the peace and harmony required before your trip starts. A driver takes care of you until you reach your terminal of departure ... then, our teams located in the different business airports ensure your trip is smooth and comfortable enough to enjoy it. Flying on a private jet in these conditions makes more sense… don’t you think so…

    Convert your Miles GJP

    The more you fly, the more you earn GJP miles. Traveling by private Jet with Global Jet Partner which is IATA approved through its Mother company means you benefit from our complementarity. Indeed, you can enjoy business class flights through our partners … Biarritz, London Heathrow or New York everything is possible... you just have to fly !