• Private jet charter

    Private jet charter

    Trips to suit you

    Global Jet Partner invites you to travel and offers discretion and extraordinary serenity on your private jet. Our quest for excellence motivates us to give you magical and sparkling experiences. Our goal is giving you a unique vision of flying on a private jet.

    A Personalized service

    A project Manager, dedicated to your charter, is available 7 days a week and H24 to guide you and assist you throughout your trip by private jet. Our drivers are also at your disposal to make your car transfers an exclusive moment to relax. You and your friends will be sensitive to small details that we plan to enhance your trip by private plane whatever you desire. Your challenges are ours.

    For your pleasure

    Flying on a private jet is above all the best way to avoid the stress and pressure of scheduled airline flights. Your meeting has been extended and you must catch the last flight to your hometown. Your mind is elsewhere and you would like to finalize your appointments on a serene note ... forget about airport check-in and endless security checks...! Why don’t you charter a business jet carefully booked and waiting for you on a business flights airport. Indeed, enjoy schedules of your choice and trained staff to welcome you in the utmost discretion. Choosing to rent a private jet means maximizing precious time to allocate it more to the essentials.

  • Private jet charter

    Private jet charter


    You have a regular frequency of flights by private jet and you want to travel without commitment? Are you looking for flexibility with a small volume of hours? You think that buying an aircraft is too early for you to make it interesting and profitable? Global Jet Partner has designed two Cards’ programs to fulfill your needs and desires.

    How to benefit from our services?

    Your time and budget are our priorities! With one click or a call, you send us the criteria that matter to you, your family or your co-workers. We suggest then the private jet that best fits your requirements and negotiate for you the greatest services at the fairest price. Our role as a specialist in chartering private jets is primarily to advise you, so leave it with us!

    The benefits of chartering a private jet

    • Our experts remain at your disposal. They inform you of every step of your journey.
    • Airport assistance with the highest level of discretion and a personalized customer service,
    • A wide range of onboard services which are constantly renewed.
    • Customers are kindly invited to be at the airport only 15 min. before takeoff.
    • Customs procedures are made easier and you board smoothly
    • Luggage are loaded in the cabin or in the hold with most of the time a direct access in flight.

    Our Plus

    • We provide you with Private and VIP Lounges.
    • Flights follow up: we kindly ask you a feedback since your satisfaction is important to us.
    • We respond to your charter request within 30 min.
    • We are able to charter a private jet within 2 hours under a charter standard (short-and medium-haul flight).
    • Flexibility! Schedule changes possible until 2 hours before departure. Any delay shall be adjusted less than 1 hour before take-off according to available slots at your airport.
  • Why choose Global Jet partner

    Private jet charter

    Access to the worldwide fleet of private jets

    As specialists in the air transport industry, we have no obligation to give preference to a private plane over another. Our role is to find the best solution to your most determining criteria. We carefully select the most reliable providers of markets in France and Europe, with the latest private jets. We validate these choices according to a rigorous control process.

    A Rewarding Experience

    Our guideline is to make every charter flight a private jet service that strives for excellence, a way to invite our customers to travel again and again.

  • Private jet charter comparison

    Private jet charter

    Which product suits you best?

    Whether you opt for a trip or a one-time card program on a private jet, there are many possibilities and we have designed for you a comparison of existing products on the market for private jet.

    sup-full-basWith Global Jet Partner
    • Travel at your own convenience with a wide selection of aircraft
    • Determine your time and your place of care
    • Availability is guaranteed on all our card programs
    • A consideration of your request within 30 minutes
    • Fly at your convenience and manage your hours consumption over the year
    sup-full-basWith another operator
    • Limited choice of aircrafts since they mostly use their own fleet
    • Flight program fluctuating with the seasons with continuous aircraft changes and slots
    • Availability rarely guaranteed and/or contractual
    • No time response guaranteed
    • Minimum of hours to achieve monthly required
    sup-full-basWith Global Jet Partner
    • No contractual commitment
    • Prices are all inclusive (tax, fuel)
    • Enjoy upgrades through our preferred partners
    • No extra charge: our prices are fixed and all included
    sup-full-basWith another supplier or operator
    • Commitment necessary for periods fluctuating from 3 to 5 years
    • Fuel is not always included
    • Disengagement of the timeshare binding
    • Multiple operating costs / obsolescence
  • Aircraft sales

    Aircraft sales


    Buying a private jet is a long process which needs to be carefully monitoring. To allow you to make right and quick decisions in respect of your needs and your deadlines, we offer you our know-how and expertise.

    Our network of partner and owners is wide and covers all parts of the world. Buying a new or second-hand private jet can suit your budget and your expectations. We find the private plane for you (Paris, Pointe Noire, Hanoi or elsewhere) and negotiate the terms of operation, delivery, to the requested location. We elaborate on your side a custom specification and inform you of the progress of your aircraft purchase until you definitely hold it.